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Classes for the degree program are $50 per unit. To audit a class it is $30 per unit. All classes are four units each, unless otherwise noted.
CIU has a free retake program where you can keep taking a class over and over again for free. This is to motivate students to keep reviewing and improving. Also, as the textbooks and notes are updated, you get lifetime access to the newest versions for free.
In order to enroll into the B.A. degree program, you must apply to CIU and commit to regularly taking classes. We try our best to accommodate as many students as possible but we cannot accept everyone into the degree program. Anyone who would like to just take classes without pursuing the degree can register as a credit or audit student.
Once you have filled out the online application, it will be reviewed by our staff and you will be contacted within 48 business hours.
The financial aid application is part of the general application process. Once you start the online application process, you will be asked if you would like to apply for financial aid. If you select yes, you will encounter the financial aid application form.
A flipped class at Calislamic will require you to watch a three hour pre-recorded lecture online before coming to class, then having an in-class discussion and in-class assignments for an hour with a live instructor. To learn more about flipped learning please see https://www.teachthought.com/learning/the-definition-of-the-flipped-classroom/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flipped_classroom
California Islamic University is an upper division college [see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_division_college]. This means that it does not provide the first two years of undergraduate instruction and requires students to already have completed two years of study at another institution. A Bachelor's degree at CIU requires 180 units of coursework. Ninety of these units will be taken at another institution in any subject and the remaining ninety will be taken at California Islamic University through the core courses offered.
If you are confident that you know the learning material of a particular course and have met the learning objectives of that class, you may take a challenge exam to test out of the course.There is a fee for each challenge exam. Keep in mind that if you pass a challenge examination, this grade will not be calculated as part of your final GPA. Email the admissions office at info@calislamic.com to setup a challenge exam for a specific course.
You can enroll in an on-demand course. Due to limited faculty, we can only offer a limited number of live courses per quarter at this time. To plan your schedule properly, please visit this page to see what courses will be offered over the next two academic years: http://www.calislamic.com/schedule
Some colleges operate under a quarter system whereas others operate under a semester system. A bachelor's degree requires either 120 semester units or 180 quarter units. To figure out the semester to quarter unit conversion, multiply by 1.5. So if you completed 60 semester units at another institution that you want to transfer to CIU in order to get the bachelor's degree, multiply those 60 units by 1.5 and it will equal 90 quarter units.
It is very important to decide whether or not you want to pursue a degree. If you do, you must intend to eventually complete all core courses, or 90 units, in addition to having completed two years of undergraduate studies elsewhere. If you are only interested in taking some classes, here and there, depending on your schedule and interest level, then it is recommended you take courses as an audit student.
No. In fact, we have designed our program in mind so that students can simultaneously pursue their career education and Islamic education at the same time. It is like double-majoring in a university, except you attend two different schools at the same time.
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