Our Methodology

Assume Zero

Each class is taught with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge about the subject. That way, no one is behind at the start of class.​

Focus On Relevant Material

We focus on practical, beneficial knowledge for people living today. We emphasize teaching the core subject matter in every course, rather than getting caught up over irrelevant or impractical details.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We provide a balanced Islamic education by focusing on various subjects at a foundational level. We give students the tools to understand and connect with Islamic teachings on a deeper level.

Avoid Sectarianism

Everything we teach is based on the Qur’an and the authentic teachings of the Prophet [Sunnah]. When there is room for different interpretations, rather than pushing a particular school of thought in theology or jurisprudence, we maintain respect for legitimate scholarly differences of opinion.

Targeted Exams

Rather than focusing on rote memorization of arbitrary facts or names of people, our examinations focus on understanding the subject matter and being able to implement it in your life.


Professionalism is a key component of our methodology. We want your educational experience to be transparent and reliable. We constantly try to apply the saying of the Prophet: “God has prescribed excellence in everything [you do].”