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Learn the essential rules and teachings of your day-to-day actions as a Muslim

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Have you ever asked yourself

Learn the answers to all of these questions and more with the islamic Law I course

Islam is a way of life

We know that Allah ordered us to pray, fast, give Zakat, stay clean and eat Halal.

But do we know the detailed teachings and rulings for our everyday actions as Muslims?

What will this course cover?




Ramadan & Fasting



What makes this course different?

Comprehensive Approach

There is a lot to learn in Islam. In our day to day lives, many questions and issues might arise when trying to perform our Islamic duties. It’s important to know the answers to these issues, and this course covers most of them.

Defined Focus

Priority is given to the ruling of a specific issue and the underlying reason. The former allows you to worship Allah correctly while the latter helps you gain a deeper sense of meaning behind the action. This course focuses on the most essential elements to avoid distractions for the learners.


There are many rulings in Islamic law that were once relevant but no longer pertain to current times. This course only covers that which is practical for today’s Muslims by removing irrelevant content and adding new questions that have arisen in the current climate.

Balancing Legality with Spirituality

Islam is not just a dry set of rules consisting only of commands and prohibitions. Islamic law tends to focus only on the legalistic aspects of actions and their consequences. This course ties in the spiritual element of actions so that they become meaningful as opposed to empty physical actions.

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Taught by Founder & Lead Instructor

Sh. Mustafa Umar

Mustafa Umar holds a B.A. in Theology & Islamic Law from the European Institute of Islamic Sciences in France, and an M.A. in Islamic Studies from the University of Gloucestershire in the UK.

He has served the Muslim community of Southern California as an Imam and activist for over a decade years, and is currently the founder and president of California Islamic University, the Director of Education and Outreach at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, and an executive member of the Fiqh council of North America.