5 Advantages of Video Games in Children

5 Advantages of Video Games in Children

Video games have expanded to become one of the industries with the best growth projections, making it an excellent idea to invest in video games and esports. There are many reasons for this; however, one of them is that this technology has been developing for many years and its constant evolution attracts both new participants and veterans.

Numerous studies highlight the advantages and https://medium.com/@sashawinner202.2/computer-games-and-children-what-are-their-advantages-99144fbbf664 disadvantages of playing video games https://medium.com/@sashawinner202.2/computer-games-and-children-what-are-their-advantages-99144fbbf664 in both adults and children. While excess is harmful, Video-Games4Kids.Blogspot.Com introducing children to video games in a controlled environment can bring many benefits.

Among them we will highlight 5 advantages of video games for children.

Video games called to be the sports of the future


eSports tournaments take place as in conventional sports; they bring together renowned players of each video game, use stadiums to play the games and there is a massive sale of tickets, as well as an audience that watches directly from their homes.

  1.   Improved problem solving

Through video games, children put into practice their problem-solving skills because, for the most part, video games have rules and laura-design.com objectives to achieve. This then involves the child exercising three areas of problem-solving: planning, organization, and flexible thinking.

Exercising these three steps is vital for your academic and social development.


  1.   Awaken the creativity

Awakening and nurturing creativity in children is a vital step for parents to use their full potential in the environments in which they operate. Video games can be an excellent way to achieve this goal since recent studies reveal that children who played games like Minecraft, demonstrated a higher level of creativity than children who did not.

Creativity in children is a very important aspect as it allows them to develop other skills that can become job opportunities in their adulthood.


  1.   Improve the ability to read

While this does not supersede the importance of books, video games can improve children’s reading skills. Studies explain that several factors contribute to this improvement, dailybirdfacts.com including the need to determine the next step in the game to move forward.

Another important aspect is that of fun. Integrating activities that improve important developmental skills is beneficial and will be even more so if the child has fun while performing them.


  1.   Increase coordination and exercise memory

Compared to the act of watching television, playing video games requires numerous mental processes that exercise both coordination and memory.

The actions that occur on the screen depend on a keyboard or academy.nitda.gov.ng console control of video games, which improves coordination, Https://Medium.Com/@Sashawinner202.2/Computer-Games-And-Children-What-Are-Their-Advantages-99144Fbbf664 and the development of the game has rules, objectives, paths and https://proweb-hr.com/test/index.php/community/profile/denisecastleton/ key combinations that stimulate short and long term memory.


  1.   Refine social skills

Social interactions are vital for children and Https://Kidsgames.Mystrikingly.Com/ their healthy development. The use of video games not only gives them a new theme to interact with, but is also a modern activity with a large audience that allows children to integrate and exchange information related to the topic.

It can then be concluded that, under controlled environments, video games have numerous advantages for children. Although there has been extensive discussion of the negative effects of these, it is vital that parents establish rules that prevent addiction to them, in order to extract only the positive.

How to use video games for good and prevent addiction

How to use video games for good and prevent addiction.

Kids have been wild about video games for decades. But the introduction of mobile game systems and smartphone apps took that to new heights.

Mobility brought gaming into the car, the bedroom, and even to the bus stop. With roughly 95% of U.S. teens owning smartphones, Https://Medium.Com/@Sashawinner202.2/Computer-Games-And-Children-What-Are-Their-Advantages-99144Fbbf664 it’s hard to find a kid who isn’t playing some kind of game.

Although video games get a lot of bad press, they do have some benefits. The trick is to strike the right balance of good content and appropriate limits. After all, video games should enhance your child’s life, not take it over.

Video Game Pros:


Studies have found that video games can improve learning https://medium.com/@sashawinner202.2/computer-games-and-children-what-are-their-advantages-99144fbbf664. When video games have been used in the classroom, teachers see improved test scores. Games also allow students to learn and then apply what they have learned in a real-life situation. Medical and military training programs both use simulation-style games to teach tools and strategy.

Life Skills

Many video games teach kids how to delegate, work as a team, and prioritize. Internet-enabled games that let kids play with their real-life friends often require collaboration and https://medium.com/@sashawinner202.2/computer-games-and-Children-what-are-their-advantages-99144Fbbf664 division of tasks to beat the level.

Improved Brain Function

Video games have been shown to help us improve our ability to reason and solve problems. They help us make split-second decisions, process information more quickly, and multitask effectively. Games can also improve hand-eye coordination and boost auditory perception.


Motion-controlled games like the Nintendo Wii were once thought to be the answer to parental concerns about video games leading to obesity. But studies have shown these video games alone don’t increase kids’ overall activity level.

However, there is some hope in the form of smartphone games that encourage kids to leave the house. Pokemon Go is one example, but your kids may also enjoy the real-life treasure hunt appeal of activities like Geocaching. Some apps like The Walk, blend storytelling and exercise to get players moving.

Job Skills

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) argues that kids need to play more video games in order to be competitive in the current job market. In a report they released in 2010, the FAS said games helped teach higher-order thinking skills like problem-solving, 645278a13758a.Site123.me interpretive analysis, and more.

Video Game Cons:


While every other study seems to draw opposite conclusions about the social effects of playing violent video games,  studies involving brain scans are concerning.

Simply put, children playing violent video games show decreased activity in areas of the brain dedicated to self-control and an increase in emotional arousal.

Even though the debate continues, be aware of how violent games affect your children. If you notice a problem, go with your gut.

Help your children choose games you feel are appropriate. Many console game ratings include detailed information about the contents of the game’s violence level, language, topics, etc.


England’s National Health Service began treating video game addiction this year, after the World Health Organization listed “gaming disorder” in its International Classification of Disease.

What makes video games addictive? Playing releases dopamine into our systems, which gives us a feeling of pleasure and tells our brain to “do it again.”

As a matter of fact, video games are designed to be addictive. John Hopson, a games researcher at Microsoft Game Studios is also a doctor of behavioral and brain sciences who writes about game design.

In “Behavioral Game Design” he explained how game designers can control behavior by providing simple stimulus and https://bazybiznesowe.com.pl/ rewards at strategic times and riformagiustizia.it places.

Children with poor impulse control or www.birdadvocates.org who have a hard time fitting in are most vulnerable to game addiction. This may be because video games offer an easy way to fill the void created when real-world relationships are hard to form.

Social Replacement

Be aware of how much your children are playing video games and if it’s replacing or negatively impacting other aspects of their lives.

Internet-connected games make it easy to “hang out” with friends after school without ever leaving home. But this type of virtual get-together is no replacement for actual face-to-face interaction.

Setting aside the potential problems of online predators and https://bazybiznesowe.com.pl cyber-bullying, virtual hangouts rob kids of the opportunity to practice their social skills and to move their bodies from one house to another.

Our Role in Video Games

Video games can play a positive role in our children’s lives, but we need to be there to help set limits.

If you’re worried that your child is becoming too obsessed with games, then it is time to sit down and talk. Be sensitive and nonjudgmental. Try to agree on a reasonable amount of space for video games to occupy in your family life.

Enlist the help of your pediatrician if you have concerns. He or she may have great tips and can even recommend a therapist who specializes in tweens or teens.

Remember, even though video games have their place, they should occupy less time than what kids need to devote to exercising, socializing, studying, and sleeping. In our ever-more-connected world, we could all use a little more practice just being unplugged.

Signs and Symptoms of Video Game Abuse: