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California Islamic University constitutes a program of study that is catered to Muslims living in the West. It draws on the wisdom and experience of traditional Islamic institutions worldwide while taking into consideration the historical-critical approach to studying religion as taught in Western universities. The curriculum attempts to combine the best and most practical way of studying Islam by utilizing modern pedagogical methods, while remaining within the paradigm of an Islamic worldview.

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No more ancient textbooks. No more translating Arabic literature. Just authentic, engaging learning. 

The Calislamic curriculum presents a comprehensive study of the entire religion of Islam taught through various subjects. There are no majors, minors or electives. The two-year integrated course of study draws upon the classical tradition of Muslim scholars while adjusting the content to be more suitable to the modern context. The combination of uplifting lectures and insightful discussions allows the student to balance between an intellectual and spiritual study of Islam and its sources. Students develop the tools to inquire, analyze, apply and critique.

What Makes CIU Different?


Unlike other Islamic programs, CIU teaches various subjects that cover the entire religion of Islam. Upon completion of the program, students will have the core foundation of various Islamic principles and concepts.


At CIU, we understand that our students have responsibilities outside of the classroom. That’s why our classes are held at times to accommodate the busy lives of students. Classes are also recorded so students can choose to attend live or at a later time.


Our goal is to accommodate our students and make knowledge readily available for all striving to learn. That's why our classes are not only held in-person, but also online to allow students to learn from anywhere.


We firmly believe that finances should not get in the way of seeking knowledge. Our classes are all offered at affordable prices, and we also offer financial aid to those who qualify.

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